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Foundation for the Awakening Mind music of Love Joyfully Presents:

Beloved Child of God: The Music of Christ is for You who are the Christ. Its content, like Yours, is eternal and cannot be changed. Please do whatever you like with its form, including copying, sharing, changing, arranging, performing or selling. May this music help you to Remember You. Amen. For Unlimited Music of Christ MP3 Song Downloads (over 200 songs) visit: 

Welcome to the music of the Angels:

the Music of Christ

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songs from the heart

The Music of Christ is a gift of Love

Awakening Mind Music of Love

"The song of freedom, which sings the praises of another world, brings to it hope of peace.  For it remembers Heaven" A Course in Miracles T-21.IV.7

The Song of Freedom

Feel the music of Christ  within you, a gift of love and a reminder of your eternal life, in harmony with your heavenly nature.